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May Gardening Social Media

Dec 27
  By EliannaCoulton

2019 - 

This month we are all about salad greens. Check out our Food hero Monthly for recipes and tips on gardening salad greens. #saladgreens #gardening #tipsandtricks

2020 - 

In Oregon, most beets are planted between April and July. Check out our poster for more beet facts! #beets #farming #agriculture #gardening #gardeningtips

2021 - 

Location, Location, Location... As your seedlings get bigger, make a plan about where they will grow to maturity. Did you plant them in a large container or directly into your garden? Then great, just make sure they get sunlight and water. Or do they need to go outside? If so, make sure to choose a sunny spot with some air flow. Avoid places where there are frost traps like low-lying areas or holes. For more planting advice, contact your master gardener at Just like humans, plants need air to breathe! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Gardening term: Transplant: to move a plant from one location to another, such as from a smaller pot to a larger pot or from one spot to another in the garden. For seedlings, this process will mostly be taking a young plant start out of a pot and moving it outside into a garden space, or into a larger pot to allow healthy root growth. #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Have you decided to transplant (move) any of your plant starts into their final growing place? If so, make sure the spot you are moving them to has plenty of space for them to grow. Check on the back of your seed packet for the advised spacing. #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Just like us, plants have friends. Learn which plants like to grow together--and which don't!--in our video about companion planting! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Try your hand at growing potatoes and harvest them in the fall! They can be planted directly in the ground or in a larger container! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Radishes grow so quickly and add great crunch to salads and sandwiches! Try planting some seeds each week so you have them all season! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #salads #sandwiches

Before moving your plants outside, think about where they might want to go! Do they like lots of sunlight, like basil and tomatoes, or do they need a break from the sun on hot afternoons, like arugula and spinach? Watch our video on how to transplant your plants safely into that perfect spot. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Cooking and growing with kids is a great way to get them to try new vegetables. Food Hero is here to inspire! #NationalParentingWeek #kids #cookingforkids #kidsgarden

If you are having problems with aphids, try water-blasting your plant in the morning. Just spray your plant for 30 seconds wherever you see the aphids to knock them off! Do this when you first start seeing them. They're easier to get rid of when you catch them early. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips