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April Gardening Social Media

Dec 23
  By EliannaCoulton

2019 -

It's National Garden Month! Whether big or small, gardens can be a great family activity, and provide different foods. Check out our Food Hero garden materials! #NationalGardenMonth #gardening #gardeningtips

2020 - 

Food Hero has lots of great tips for the beginning gardener to celebrate National Garden Month! #nationalgardenmonth #gardening #gardeningtips

2021 - 

Start planting your seeds! Follow along with our videos and gardening tips this month and all season long. Also, post photos, stories and questions anytime! #GrowThis! #NationalGardenMonth @OregonStateExt @OSUMG

It's no joke--gardening is our featured topic all month long! #GrowThis! #NationalGardenMonth

Gardening Term Germination: for seeds, the process of sprouting and beginning plant growth #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Before you plant a seed, give the soil a really good watering. Seeds will not germinate in dry soil. Seedlings (baby plants) should never dry out, so water lightly twice a day. Once plants are about as tall as your hand, you will only need to water them when the soil is dry to the touch. #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Gardening Terms you might see on the back of your seed packets: DAYS TO GERMINATION: the number of days it takes on average for a plant to start to grow out of the seed. SOW: to place the seeds in soil and cover them with the correct amount of soil. DAYS TO HARVEST: the number of weeks it takes on average for a crop to fully mature (be ready for harvest) from a seed. This time scale can help with garden planning. • Many plants, like snap peas, can be harvested over several weeks. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Garden Tip of the Day #1: Put your freshly planted seeds on top of your refrigerator to keep them warm! No need for a heated mat; use what you have at home. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Garden Tip of the Day #2: LABEL YOUR PLANTS! To help you keep track of which baby plant is which, make sure to label your freshly planted seeds! One fun way is to paint the name on a rock! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

It's getting warm out, but is it warm enough for your plants to be outside? Watch our video to learn more! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Kids! Show off how much you know about vegetables with our In My Garden Activity Sheet. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Do you love eating salads or adding some greens to your meals? Try growing some of your own, or long time gardeners try growing a new type of greens! Not only can salad greens grow outside in the ground in spring, but they can also grow in a container. Check out our garden monthly on tips to growing your own salad greens #GrowThis #gardeningtips #gardening

Germination Tip: Try pre-soaking large seeds overnight before you plant them! Seeds like sunflowers, nasturtiums, peas , beans and corn like a good soak in water before they are put in the ground. #GrowThis! #gardening #gardeningtips

Kids! Point out the plants you know along the way while exploring our Garden Maze Activity Sheet! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #kidsactivities

Some plants like cool weather and are best grown in the spring or fall. Here is a short list: kale, radish, lettuce, arugula, spinach, mustard greens, green onions and chives. A seed packet can last for multiple plantings, so if you have any of these seed types, you can plant some now and some in the fall. NOTE: You can use SNAP benefits to buy seeds and plants to grow food for your family. This includes fruits, vegetables, and edible herbs. You must buy from a store or farmers' market that accepts EBT cards. For more information, call 1-800-SAFENET (1-800-723-3638).

Seedlings cannot survive a frost. So before planting outside, search online for the date of the last frost in your area. You can also ask an OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteer ( for advice about what crops grow well in your area and how early to plant outside. #gardening #gardeningathome #gardeningtips

Over the next week or two, your seeds will be growing into plants! If two or more seedlings are growing close together, you will need to thin them. Crowded plants do not grow well because they compete for resources. Thinning is important for all plants in either garden beds or containers. Watch our video to learn more! #GrowThis! #gardening #gardeningathome #gardeningtips

Take a peek at your seeds to see if any have sprouted! If so, try keeping a garden journal where you write down or draw the changes you see. #GrowThis! #gardening #gardeningathome #gardeningtips

Wondering if you are giving your seeds the right amount of water? Try using a spray bottle! Use just a few sprays to get the soil moist and you're good to go! When your plant is much bigger, try watering it from below! Fill a bowl with water and place the pot in the water. Leave it there until your plant absorbs water to the roots. How long you leave it depends on the size of the plant and pot. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Don't have a garden? Or is your garden too small to grow all of your seeds? Try a container garden! Read our Garden Monthly to learn about the best plants to grow in containers, and how to do it. Post below to show us what you use for a container! #GrowThis!Challenge #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Can't get enough garlic on National Garlic Day? You're in luck! Food Hero has recipes and garden tips. You can plant garlic now for spring garlic, which has a nutty flavor that is milder and sweeter than autumn garlic. Give it a try and watch our videos on how to grow garlic. #GrowThis! #garlic #recipes #NationalGarlicDay

Kale is a great cool weather crop. You can grow it in early spring, fall and even sometimes through winter. Check out our Food Hero Monthly on kale for storage tips and recipes. Our Plant and Grow Seeds card on kale shows you how to grow this tasty vegetable! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Make sure your plant container has a small hole or holes near the bottom, to allow water to drain from the soil. Otherwise, its roots may become water-logged and rot. #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Try your hand at growing some BEANS! They're fun to grow and tasty to eat. Check out our Garden Monthly for tips on how to grow and cook with beans. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Do you love cilantro? If so, try growing your own. You can grow it in a garden, or in a container in a sunny window! Check out our video on tips to start your cilantro seeds. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

For any type of garden, you need: • seeds • soil • sunlight: check your seed packet to find out how much • water • space: each plant needs plenty of space for growth, above and below. #GrowThis!

Do you love flowers? So do your plants and pollinators! Learn why flowers are important to include in your vegetable garden by watching our video, Why Flowers are Important in the Garden. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Kids! Color in our Garden Plants Coloring Sheet! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #coloringsheet #kidsactivities