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Food Hero School Videos

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Chenowith Elementary Smoothie Cart


Culinary Training with Food Hero Recipes

Students from Armand Larive Middle School attended a Culinary Workshop in Umatilla, hosted by Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council, where they saw their school nutrition professionals in action. The Culinary Workshop is one of six regional workshops offered to school nutrition professionals throughout Oregon to help improve child nutrition programs, and many of the recipes tested were from Food Hero. Students interviewed, taste-tested and even gave their feedback on the finished recipes to re-cap the day. As one of the many examples showing how the experience is paying off, Armand Larive Middle School’s Ashley Treadwell received Honorable Mention in the National Scholastic Press Association Individual Award Contest for her video story titled “Cooking Class”, which she edited using video footage from the day.




Fuel Up to Play 60 Interview

Seventh grade students from the Armand Larive Middle School Television club in Hermiston, Oregon had the chance to interview Anthony Newman, a former National Football League player, when he visited their school.  Anthony is a Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador working with the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council to promote good nutrition and a physically active lifestyle.  The story aired as part of the monthly ALTV news program.


Food Hero Nutrition Video

Inspired by nutrition classes and motivated with their leadership role at school, 6th graders at Roosevelt Elementary in Medford, Oregon found a fun and creative way to connect fellow-students with healthy choices messaging.  They choreographed and performed an original music video to the USDA Team Nutrition song Alive With Five Food Groups.


Food Hero School Cooking Class

The Armand Larive Middle School Television Club in Hermiston, Oregon, produced an excellent news story on Food Hero Cooking and Nutrition Classes at Hermiston High School.  The series of 4 classes is for middle school students and is taught by Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club students at Hermiston High School.


Last updated: 12/16/19