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Pasilla Bajo (Hot Pepper) illistration
Días para la germinación
10 to 12 days
Profundidad de plantación
1/4 inch
Espaciamiento de plantas

18 inches

Días para cosechar
80 to 90 days

Start the seeds indoors about 8 weeks before you plan to transfer them outside. While the seeds germinate, keep them moist and in full sun. Make sure to move the seedlings outdoors only after all danger of frost is gone and they are about 3 inches tall. Or sow the seeds directly outside once the soil is 65 degrees F and the nights do not get below 40 degrees F. Choose a location that gets full sun. If you are also growing sweet peppers, plant your hot peppers at least a few feet away. If they are too close together, your sweet peppers will become lightly spicy! Once your peppers mature, pick them regularly to increase your yield.

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Last updated: May 07, 2021