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Types of Corn

Aug 01
  By anniekeene

Sweet corn - sweeter and less starchy than field corn. Sweet corn is available fresh, frozen or canned and can be yellow, white or bicolor (a mix of yellow and white kernels on the same cob).

Hominy - field corn that has been soaked in lye to help remove the hull, then cooked and rinsed. It is available canned or as dried kernels that are cooked like dried beans. The dried kernels can be coarsely ground intogrits or finely ground to makemasa flour.

Cornmeal - ground from dried, mature field corn. Stone ground cornmeal is whole grain but degermed cornmeal has the germ and bran removed.

Popcorn - has kernels with a hard, moisture-resistant hull surrounding a dense pocket of starch that pops open when heated. Popcorn is a whole-grain snack.