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How to Make Pizza at Home

Feb 01
  By lundeenh

1. Crust

For an extra-quick crust: use French bread, tortillas, pita or flat bread, English muffins or pre-baked crusts.

For a dough crust:

• Buy it pre-made—look in the grocery refrigerated case for dough in a bag or can. Check the “use by” date for best results.

• Buy a dry mix—it will keep longer. Check the “use by” date for best results.

• Make your own—yeast or no yeast. This might cost the least! Most recipes use simple ingredients you may already have at home. 

Shape the dough:

• Roll or press the dough into a flat shape. The more even it is in thickness, the more evenly it will bake.

• Any shape will do! Try a heart or other fun shapes.

• Make small individual shapes so each person can choose their own toppings.

2. Sauce

• Tomato-based sauces add a vegetable. They may be lower in calories, added sugars and salt than other options.

• Use a purchased sauce or make your own, or use sliced tomatoes.

3. Toppings

Veggies and fruit – choose fresh, cooked, canned or dried.

Cheese – grate the cheese and sprinkle lightly. Try lowfat cheeses like part-skim mozzarella.

Protein (optional) – spread it out and keep it lean.