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September Gardening Social Media

mulch infographic
By EliannaCoulton
Dec 27, 2021

2021 -

Thyme is a perennial herb, which means it will grow year after year with little care. If you're growing thyme, make sure to protect it during the winter by putting a layer of leaves or grass clippings around your plants. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #thyme #herbs

If you like garlic, try planting your own this month! Check out our garlic tipsheet to help you grow your own garlic! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #garlic

Gardening Term - Mulch: any material put on top of the soil to help hold in moisture and keep out weeds. Examples are leaves, grass clippings, straw, woodchips, shredded paper or cardboard, or landscape fabric. #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

Adding mulch around vegetable plants in the fall is one way to protect them through colder temperatures and extend your growing season. Try putting dry leaves around cool weather vegetables like kale, bok choi and spinach. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

When it gets cold outside, create a garden indoors! Try growing plants in containers in a sunny window throughout the season or take containers outside on warmer winter days. Herbs, leafy greens and microgreens all grow well inside during the winter. #Growthis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips

For fresh rosemary in the winter, grow the plant indoors in a pot. Put it in a place where it will receive bright light. It can also thrive outside through the winter as an evergreen shrub. Enjoy it year round in our Garden Herbal Tea. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #rosemary