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How to Grow - Microgreens

growing microgreens
By Savannah
May 10, 2021

1 Microgreens are mini versions of full-grown plants – grow them in small spaces and harvest and eat them while they are still small.

2 Pre-soak large seeds (such as sunflower, peas) overnight for quick, even sprouting.

3 Moisten potting soil and place at least 1½ inches into a clean container (recycled berry, milk or mushroom containers work great).

4 Smooth the soil surface flat. Evenly sprinkle seeds closely together onto the soil. Gently press the seeds into the soil surface.

5 Mist the soil until it is just damp. Cover the container to block light out and hold in moisture. Aluminum foil or a dinner plate work well. Check and mist every 12 hours.

6 Once seeds have sprouted (around 3 to 4 days), remove the cover and place the container in a bright window or under a lamp.

7 Check moisture daily and mist if surface is dry. Rotate container to keep greens growing straight.