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This toolkit is a result of a Moore Family Center and Food Hero Partnership where we have brought together our resources in one place to be used in communities everywhere to promote whole grains.  Find out more about the Moore Family Center here: https://health.oregonstate.edu/moore-center.  


Whole Grain Featured Ingredient Resource Pages:

Summer 2018 Whole Grain Art Contest 

The Whole Grains Kids Art Contest is a fun way to get kids excited about drawing all types of grains. Deadline for this years contest is August 31, 2018. If you miss this deadline, you can send in Whole Grains artwork anytime during the year. We have a year long Art Contest that goes on, with a deadline of April 15th each year, for more info on this, click here.

This contest is open to Oregon schools and partners that OSU Extension Service SNAP-Ed is present in. But we will accept all drawings from students not from Oregon SNAP-Ed schools, and may feature the artwork. Students must turn in an Artwork Concent Form, found here. If a student is declaired a winner, their artwork will be featured on the Whole Grain Toolkit page, and recieve a Food Hero cooking tool to use in the kitchen.

Please mail artwork to Lauren Tobey, OSU, 106 Ballard Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331


Last updated: 08/16/18

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