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Peaches Image
  • Choose peaches that have an even, creamy gold to yellow color. Some varieties have a red blush but it may not always be a sign of ripeness.
  • When ripe, peaches should have a slight “give” or softness. Handle peaches gently—they bruise easily. Bruised areas spoil more quickly.
  • Fresh peaches may be at peak quality and lowest cost from June through September, depending on the variety and growing area.
  • When shopping for canned peaches, look for “Packed in 100% juice” and “No sugar added” on the label.
  • Canned and frozen peaches are available year-round.
  • One pound of peaches = about 3-4 medium peaches = 2 cups sliced peaches.

❁ Peaches provide vitamin C, which helps your body heal cuts and other wounds.
❁ Peach peels are a good source of fiber.

Last updated: 07/12/17