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Shop & Save Money

Berries Image


  • Berries are in season, and might cost less, from about July to September. Buy extra and freeze for later.
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Beans Image


❁ Dried and canned beans are great foods to keep on hand. You may want to stock up when they’re on sale.

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Winter Squash

Winter Squash

  • Choose squash that are firm and heavy for their size with dull skin. Avoid squash with soft spots or broken skin.
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Salad Greens Image

Salad Greens

  • Whole heads of lettuce might be cheaper than containers of ready-to-eat greens. Bags or containers can provide a mix of greens.
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Spinach Image


  • Look for bright green, crisp, whole leaves. Bunches should have a small piece of root holding them together.
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Apples Image


  • Apples are harvested between July and November, but are available year round.
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    Rice Image


    • Store-brand or bulk rice often costs the least (less than namebrand, instant, or pre-seasoned).
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    Broccoli Image


    • Choose fresh broccoli with a firm stem and tightly packed, dark green heads.
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