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Turnip Image


  • Choose turnips that are smooth skinned without cuts or soft spots. They should be firm and heavy for their size.
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Kiwi Image


Choose slightly firm, unblemished fuzzy kiwifruit. Size of the fruit does not affect the taste. Press the outside of the fruit with your thumb. If it gives to a little pressure, it’s ripe.

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Peaches Image


  • Choose peaches that have an even, creamy gold to yellow color. Some varieties have a red blush but it may not always be a sign of ripeness.
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Green Beans Image

Green Beans

  • Choose fresh green beans with a bright green color and firm texture; they should snap easily when bent. Avoid beans with brown spots or bruises.
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Peas Image


  • Fresh peas might cost less and taste fresher while in season from May through mid-July.  
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    Corn Image


    • Fresh corn will be the best quality and lowest price when it is in season during summer, in your local area.
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    Carrots Image


    • Choose firm carrots with even color. Avoid carrots that are soft or wilted. If the leaf tops are still on, they should be bright green.
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    Cabbage Image


    • Choose cabbage heads with firmly packed leaves that are crisp.
    • Avoid cabbage with outer leaves that are soft, yellow, or brown.
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    Mushrooms Image


    • Fresh mushrooms may be available in bulk or prepackaged for about the same price per pound. Bulk lets you select the amount and size you need.
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    Potatoes Image


    • Choose clean, smooth, firm potatoes with no cuts or bruises.
    • Avoid potatoes with sprouts or green skin.
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