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I usually don't register to leave a comment but this recipe is magic. Its awsm n my mom n my family loves it. Thanq so much!!
When serving with yogurt, I just added a dollop on top of the apples without mixing it in.
When serving with yogurt, did you pre mix this in with yogurt or serve the yogurt on the side?? 
Added fresh rosemary; very good!
This is my "go to" favorite when i don't have time to cook!  Our family loves it!  
After making this recipe many times with both adults and youth as well as in my own home, I have come to see this recipe as an excellent...
Kamut works very nicely as a substitute for the pasta in this recipe.  It's hearty and chewy texture holds up well and takes care of the "...
Wow, these were so great!  We will for sure make them again and again.  The kids were just as happy as with fries and they liked...

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