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Event Tools


At Your Site

Display this flyer in your office to encourage your staff and participants to use Food Hero resources.

Whole Grain Toolkit

This toolkit is a result of a Moore Family Center and Food Hero Partnership where we have brought together our resources in one place to be used in communities everywhere to promote whole grains. 


Nutrition education reinforcement materials refer to a class of goods given to the Food Hero target audience on some occasions to convey nutrition messages and promote healthy nutrition and physical activity practices.  These items must have a direct relationship to program objectives and the desired nutrition behavior change. Such items are allowable costs only if they are reasonable and necessary and contain/reinforce nutrition messages. 

Event Supplies


Holiday Calendar

Food Hero's calendar of days, weeks, and months we promote especially on our social media platform may be useful to other programs and partners.

Event Signs

At Food Hero events we have tabletop and sandwich board signs and creative materials to make each event unique.

Flyer Templates

Instructions for using our flyers within Oregon SNAP-Ed:

  1. Download OSU approved fonts here (we use Stratum2 and Kievit Offc).  If you choose to use an Extension County logo at the bottom you can get that here.  


Find "stamp" images for the Food Hero featured foods within our featured food pages.  

Award Template

More information and options coming soon!

Coloring Sheets

A great collection of kid's coloring sheets about a wide variety of healthy foods. 

Email FHM Signup

Fun fact - we have around 3000 Food Hero Monthly email subscribers.  

Background: The sign-up sheets are to be used for collecting email addresses of participants interested in receiving our Food Hero Monthly by email.  Some participants will find the sign-up sheets more convienant than using our online sign-up:  


Cookbook Cover

Add our recipe printouts and coloring sheets together to make custom cookbooks!

Featured Foods

For our 2019, 2020, & 2021 documents: New Food Hero Monthlies will be indicated with *new  written next to the featured food. All other months will have exciting new updates of existing monthlies.

Kitchen Tools

This document contains all the cooking tools you need to cook all Food Hero Recipes.  We use it in our recipe criteria when developing new recipes. 

It can be a great guide for families and community sites who are setting up a new kitchen and for children learning about cooking.

Photo Releases

Any photo or video used by Food Hero with a model has a photo release, and most likely an OSU release linked below, or in a few cases is a stock photo legally obtained.  

If a photo with a human model/s was taking by someone outside OSU and the creator and distributor of the photo/video has a model release from the person/s there is a chance Food Hero could use their release under the following conditions.  If all the conditions are not met Food Hero would need the person/s in the photo/video to also sign an OSU release.