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Bingo - Spring Break

The Food Hero Spring Break BINGO project was created to promote comprehensive wellness for children and their families over Spring Break. The card includes 24 tasks covering healthy eating (14), physical activity (7), and less screen time (3). All tasks were designed to be achievable and replicable by most families, and desirable to be reported by schools as collective successes. The card was piloted at 4 elementary schools (average 70% free/reduced school lunch enrollment) in 2017 and the results can be reviewed at the Poster link below (a peer reviewed poster).  

Food Hero Monthly

View Food Hero Monthly here.

Holiday Calendar

Food Hero's calendar of days, weeks, and months we promote especially on our social media platform may be useful to other programs and partners.


Featured Art from Oregon Children that aligns with Food Hero's holiday calendar:


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Find "stamp" images for the Food Hero featured foods within our featured food pages.  

Wellness Newsletter

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School Wellness Newsletter

Developed by Oregon's Wellness In School Environments workgroup, this colorful newsletter is designed for teachers, administrators, parents, health professionals, and community members looking for nutrition and physical activity ideas to help implement school wellness policies.

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For information on how to get these materials printed please contact the campus team to obtain the high quality waterproof markers.

Oregon Harvest

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Please visit this comprehensive Oregon Harvest page: http://www.foodhero.org/oregon-harvest.


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Healthy School Celebrations Toolkit

Coloring Sheets


Coloring Sheet

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